Saving the ocean, one mangrove at a time!


A team of 25 dedicated teacher-volunteers from Nueve De Febrero Elementary School, 30 hardworking volunteers and leaders from the Samahan ng mga Maliliit na Mangingisda ng Brgy. Victory (SMMV) in Santiago Island, and 10 enthusiastic staff and leaders from Hands On Manila (HOM) and Asian Social Institute (ASI) collaborated to plant 1,700 propagules along the coastline. The project was a bustling hive of activity, with everyone working together to achieve a common goal.
The team also conducted a cleanup effort and collected 14 sacks of trash. This was a crucial step in preserving the natural beauty of the area and ensuring that the mangroves could thrive in a clean and healthy environment.
Testimonial from Jocelyn Tamayo, NDFES Principal:
“I am reminded of how blessed we are to have this wonderful world He created for us. What we have to do is to take good care of it, and in return, it will take good care of us. I am honored to be a part of this activity as a volunteer. I feel proud of myself for contributing something to nature.
Thank you, HOM, ASI, and the amazing community of SMMV! Mabuhay!”
This project aims to expand environmental education on the sensitive shorelines and mangrove habitats on Santiago Island. This will improve the ecosystem’s health and will generate alternative livelihoods. 🐠🦐🦑🐙🦀
This project is funded in part by Ocean Conservancy’s Small Grants Program.