Formally established in August 2001, Hands on Manila (HOM) brings to the Philippines an innovative and alternative model of volunteer service. The flexibility model of volunteer service allows for volunteering to be integrated into daily schedules of busy individuals.

Introduced and developed by the Hands on Network (formerly City Cares), the model has been successful in many American cities.

HOM is the first Hands on Network affiliate in the Asia Pacific region. It is committed to empowering individuals to act as citizens and to realize their ability to contribute to the community in meaningful ways. By providing a variety of flexible tangible volunteer opportunities, HOM seeks to enhance citizen capacity to effectively serve the community.

Based on the premise that everyone can serve, HOM’s mission is to mobilize people to address the critical social, educational and environmental needs of the country through volunteer action. HOM believes that VOLUNTEER ACTION is a powerful force for creating change.

Hands on Manila encourages an even greater sense of responsibility, caring and awareness in those who come to know the life-changing power of getting involved. Those in need as well as those volunteering are able to gain a sense of fulfillment and inclusion, and work together to unite and improve our community.

  • A culture of volunteerism that contributes to nation-building.
  • We envision a community where people contribute their time, talent, and resource for sustainable development.

  • To become the volunteer organization of choice for community-driven programs.
  • To be thought leaders of innovative solutions to development challenges.

Hands on Manila’s programs are community-driven and are developed using the bottom-up approach. Simply put, we do not create programs that our NGO and community partners do not need.

We empower our partners by allowing them to develop their own programs and activities and we help them with volunteer mobilization and fund generation. We develop sustainable, measurable and high-impact programs.

HOM also organizes volunteer activities for corporations which come in two forms:

  • Long-term partnerships wherein a corporation taps the expertise and network of HOM for a year or more to develop and strengthen its employee volunteerism;
  • Short-term partnerships, or special projects wherein HOM coordinates and matches corporations for a specific volunteer activity in one-off service projects or a series of volunteer activities.



HOM Volunteers during the Good Deeds Day

HOM recruits, coordinates and educates a broad base of volunteers for non-profit organizations. It offers a flexible model, an innovative means of volunteer service that allows for volunteering to be integrated into daily schedules of individuals. 

We believe that volunteerism is an effective tool for social change and commits to empowering individuals to act as citizens and realize their ability to contribute to the community. Its goals are to provide a roadblock-free path to service and meaningful experiences that clearly make a difference in society.

Projects revolve around the advocacies of the corporation’s support and are customized to the needs of the employees’ volunteers. Sample activities may be viewed through this link:

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