Corporate Partners' Meeting
Hands On Manila's 14 corporate partners gathered together for its first extensive meeting this year 2023—a session of insightful expertise, sustainability plans, and volunteer mobilization as we uplift the spirit of volunteerism.
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Community Partners' Meeting
Witnessing the success of working together with Hands On Manila! ✨✨✨✨ A total of 51 participants from 17 NGOs and 21 public schools attended HOM’s community partners' meeting held at FEU Makati last February 18, 2023. Everyone gathered to share and discuss the wonders of volunteerism, and the impact it has created on the life of every beneficiary.
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Happy Inernational Women's Day
Wishing all the extraordinary ladies out there a Happy International Women's Day! Celebrating and supporting the rights of all women around the globe. Let us all continue to create safe spaces for women, wherein they are valued, loved, and appreciated. Reminding every woman to keep thriving and slaying! Let them see how you rule the world like it's yours.
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Happy World's Autism Acceptance Day!
A wonderful day to remind everyone that it costs nothing to be kind. No matter the differences, everybody's deserving of love, understanding, and acceptance here in this world.Let us live in a world free of discrimination, and celebrating minds of all kinds.
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Good Deeds Day 2023
Earth warriors, be ready for Hands On Manila and Good Deeds Day 2023! ✨ And thank you, CFES Annex teachers for helping HOM kick off this year's GDD with a coastal clean-up drive at Santiago Island, Bolinao, Pangasinan!
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Good Deeds Day 2023
Nowadays a breath of fresh air can be a struggle as daily waste disturbs the environment. But with the spirit of volunteering on Good Deeds Day, we can all shape a greener place to live in and cleaner air to breathe! Join us in taking action to make our environment Clean and Green with Hands on Manila!
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One of HOM’s flagship programs, SERVATHON, makes volunteering easily accessible and simultaneous for different companies and organizations for one day each year.

Good Deeds Day is an annual tradition of good deeds. All over the world, hundreds of thousands choose to volunteer and help others, putting into practice the simple idea that every single person can do something good, be it large or small, to improve the lives of others and positively change the world.

Hands on Manila creates programs on a monthly basis for the environment, education, health and livelihood of underprivileged communities. Check out the calendar and join #TheJoyofVolunteering by signing up as a Hands on Manila volunteer today!

Hands on Manila creates programs on a monthly basis for the environment, education, health and social entrepreneurship of underprivileged communities.


HOM’s prime service is to provide volunteer opportunities for private individuals and groups to allow these people to render their volunteer service at their most convenient time. Corporate special projects are volunteer opportunities customized for the advocacies and pillars of the partner corporations. Here's the summary report of HOM accomplishments for CY 2021.