Embarking on a journey of environmental stewardship!


51 volunteers from the Inchcape Digital Delivery Center Philippines (DDC) took pride in contributing to the green tapestry of La Mesa Nature Reserve. Planting 500 seedlings and diligently preparing soils in anticipation of the upcoming tree planting season in June, they displayed a strong commitment to sustainability.
In addition to nurturing Mother Nature, their support extended to the unsung heroes of the park – the dedicated rangers. A thoughtful donation of 30 first aid kits and community care kits aimed to ensure the well-being of these guardians as they tirelessly safeguarded the precious natural haven. 💙
“We believe in responsible business practices here at Inchcape Digital. We want to make sure that we contribute to the planet by reducing gas emissions and promoting environmental sustainability. We’re happy to partner with Hands On Manila in creating a healthier and greener planet for generations to come.”
– Syriane Cruz, People Manager, DDC Philippines
Amidst these efforts, the volunteers also undertook a remarkable 3km trek, showcasing their dedication to understanding and appreciating the park’s vast and diverse ecosystem.
Together, this collective effort aimed to foster a greener, safer future for all.