75 volunteers produce 1500 Mabuhay Balls for Estero de Santibañez in Manila


One of Hands on Manila’s first environmental projects for this year was the Mabuhay Balls Production last February 16, Saturday, in a Barangay Hall located in Brgy. 662 Cristobal, Paco, Manila.

Mabuhay Balls contain organic materials that has been fermented with
Effective Microorganisms (EM), molasses and water under anaerobic conditions. The resultant material is a wonderful soil improver and water filter. Each ball can clean one cubic meter of rivers, lakes or ponds.

Zendesk, HOM’s long-time corporate partner, deployed 10 corporate volunteers who participated in the production. Alongside with them were 10 volunteer leaders from HOM, 5 leaders of Asian Social Science Institute (ASI) and 30 members of Masiglang Masayang Kapitbahayanan (MMK) with 20 children from the community.

After the production, they threw 200 Mabuhay balls in Estero de Santibañez. The balls that they produced will be ready for dropping onto the water after 6 months.