Points of Light supports Hands on for Health


As part of our Hands on for Health initiative, Points of Light, the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service, supported the healthcare and hygiene needs of Nueve de Febrero Elementary School’s students and community. 

Inside the hygiene kits are hand sanitizers, alcohol bottles, hand soaps, face towels for 60 students. The hygiene packages for the adopted school community consist of 1000 face masks,  2000 pairs of latex gloves, 200 KN95 masks, 28 gallons of alcohol, 100 full face shields, 10 foot sanitation mats and 10 gallons of cleaning solution. 

HOM, being an affiliate of POL, submitted its accomplished COVID-19 initiatives, number of volunteers, partner organizations and beneficiaries to be a qualified grantee. After the screening, HOM was successfully granted the funds to implement another COVID-19 response project.