ADP Philippines’ Bokashi “Mabuhay” Balls Production 🟤


Making an Impact!

Together with Hands On Manila, 50 volunteers from ADP Philippines have produced 1,657 bokashi “Mabuhay” balls to promote sustainable living!


Last Saturday, 200 of these eco-friendly balls were thrown into action to Estero De Santibañez, enriching our environment one step at a time. 


“If we were to work together to support initiatives like Bokashi Balls production, I can imagine the impact it would have on our environment and ensuring that future generations can still enjoy the beauty that we currently see.”

  • Novber “Ken” Iinuma

Operations Manager, Workforce Management

ADP Philippines


Mabuhay Balls are specifically crafted from organic materials like bokashi compost, promoting healthy soil and aiding in waste decomposition. Their effect extends beyond mere waste reduction; they contribute to cleaner waterways, improved soil fertility, and ultimately, a healthier ecosystem.


Let’s continue to cultivate a greener future, one ball at a time! #ADPPhilippines #TheJoyOfVolunteering #BokashiMabuhayBalls